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3. Your Self-Image

7. Interference

4. Partner's Self-Image

1. You

9. Outcome

2. Your Partner

5. Your Partner's Perception of You

8. Strength

6. Your Perception of Your Partner

1. You Represents you and your current state of being.

The Monster

The Monster is a warning that sometimes our own preconceptions can imprison us. Not all prisons have physical walls; habits, routines, prejudices, even patterns in our work or romantic lives can shackle us as tightly as any iron chain.

In a reading, the Monster reminds us to look to the parts of our life, ideas, or attitudes which may be holding us back. It warns us that we may be blinded to the things which most imprison us, seeing superficial threats in the outside world when the deepest dangers lie within.

Keywords: Imprisonment Habit Conformity Constraint Bondage

2. Your Partner Represents the other person important to you.

The Library

The Library is a card of sudden change and catastrophy. The Schoolgirl, confronted with a challenge to the things she believes, responds by destroying the things she used to love. Similarly, this card may signal an abrupt, fiery, and catastrophic change in the your life, as the structures which no longer serve you come crashing down.

In a reading, the Library speaks to a situation when, dismayed by something which has happened to us, we destroy the things we love most. This is not always a bad thing; sometimes, the old must be demolished to make way for the new. But good or bad, it is a symbol of chaos and destruction, the end of something we love.

Keywords: Chaos Catastrophy Change Upheaval

3. Your Self-Image This represents the way you see yourself.

The University

The University is a card that tells of the conclusion of an adventure. The Schoolgirl looks the same, but inside, she is irrecovably changed.

In a reading, the University might represent the Querant, forged anew and able to move with skill and wisdom. It may also represent a person in the Querant's life, someone whose experiences have built a character of strength, intelligence, and resolve. Metaphorically, it may stand for a situation that changes us, from which we will emerge as different people.

Keywords: Beginning End Cycle Continuity

4. Partner's Self-Image This represents how the other person sees himself or herself.

The Headmaster

The Headmaster is a card of directed action. He is in charge of the university; his rulings must be obeyed. He tells us to become proactive; to make a decision and follow through on it, not to be passive, idle, or dreamy.

In a reading, the Headmaster may be a call to action. He tells us that our lives belong to us; it is up to us to make what we want of them. The Headmaster may warn us that many thing, even unpleasant or traumatic things, may serve as a call to action.

Keywords: Action Ambition

5. Your Partner's Perception of You A representation of how the other person sees you.

The Cabin

This card is about pragmatism, not ideology, right or wrong, good or evil. It is a card about adjusting to face challenges as they exist.

In a reading, this card is a symbol of letting go of "should" statements and dealing with things as they are, not as we want them to be. This card may indicate a utilitarian, practical approach to a situation.

Keywords: Pragmatism Challenge

6. Your Perception of Your Partner A representation of how you see the other person.

Seven of Books

This card portends a situation in which someone is deliberately and intentionally keeping us away from the resources that we need. The seven books the Schoolgirl requires are locked up, unavailable to her; similarly, the people who have direct access to those resources have chosen not to provide them to us, so some other strategy is necessary.

In a reading, it tells us of a situation where we are being thwarted because we can not get access to what we need. Someone else holds the keys. We must think of another way.

Keywords: Conflict Frustration Opposition Setback

7. Interference A representation of the problem in the relationship you have with the other person..

Four of Ribbons

This is a card to indicate a time of pause in the pursuit of a dream. The ribbon around the woman's eyes prevent her from finding her way; similarly, some part of a dream in the Querant's life has blocked a view, preventing the Querant from being able to see the road ahead. If our dreams are the only thing we can see, this can prevent us from finding the path to reach them.

In a reading, this card may represent some level of blindness--some dream or ambition that is blinding us to something important, or perhaps something which we have overlooked in our quest to realize a dream.

Keywords: Patience Reflection Focus

8. Strength A representation of the strength within your relationship with the other person..

Nine of Ribbons

This card stands for a time when our sincerest desire is granted. We are free to claim the prize and dance in the ecstacy of dreams come true. In this card lies the promise that all we need to do is to grant the wish to ourselves.

In a reading, it suggests that we have triumphed; everything is aligned to make our dreams a reality.

Keywords: Triumph Accomplishment Success

9. Outcome The outcome of the relationship.

Eight of Books

This card indicates moving beyond simply working toward a dreams, and becoming a purveyor of knowledge and skill, recognized by the community. We are looked up to by others. With this new opportunity comes new responsibility.

In a reading, it tells us: as we go forward, what will we do? Will we cater to the lowest denominator? Will we try to appeal to the masses? Or will we use our new status to try to promote ideas of worth and value? It suggests a situation where we have a choice to make, and urges us to make it responsibly.

Keywords: Progress Respect Choice Responsibility Opportunity