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3. Your Self-Image

7. Interference

4. Partner's Self-Image

1. You

9. Outcome

2. Your Partner

5. Your Partner's Perception of You

8. Strength

6. Your Perception of Your Partner

1. You Represents you and your current state of being.

The Dance of Ecstasy

Sometimes, the place we end up is unexpected, yet joy may be found in the most unusual of places. The Dance of Ecstasy reminds us that, as strange and unexpected as life may be, it is also a place filled with joy, if we but choose to see it. Life is the triumph of optimism over despair.

In a reading, it suggests that the world is not as horrifying as it appears to be; even though we do not always choose what happens to us, and weven though we may make choices without knowing the outcome, we can still find joy. It tells us that this joy may appear in the oddest places; we must be able to recognize it for what it is. By moving through the world with confidence, we can learn to see the joy all around us.

Keywords: Happiness Joy Triumph

2. Your Partner Represents the other person important to you.

Seven of Chains

This card signals a time of tension in a relationship, either from within or from without. The chains pulling on the women represent forces such as jealousies, insecurities, squabbles, or gossip, trying to separate the people; these may be forces from inside the relationship (such as jealousy or insecurity) or from other people (such as envy or rumormongering). This card reminds us that it is time to take charge of the forces that are pulling you in all these different directions.

In a reading, it may represent some part of the Querant's life where the Querant is being pulled in contradictory directions, and must find a way to assert control over those contradictory forces.

Keywords: Strife Conflict Tension Jealousy Spite

3. Your Self-Image This represents the way you see yourself.

Tentacle Rape

Tentacle Rape is a card of transformation. In this card, we see the end of innocence. It indicates a transformative event, something that will bring you low, but only to stretch you beyond your previous limitations.

In a reading, this card may symbolize a transformation by fire, or some trial which will test us but also temper us.

Keywords: Transformation Change Disruption Ravishment Violation Deflowerment Awareness

4. Partner's Self-Image This represents how the other person sees himself or herself.

The Custodian

The Custodian represents a pragmatic approach to life. Whatever happens to him, there is an inner core of self that is resolute and untouched by the slings and arrows of adversity. He does not seek to alter the world to suit himself; instead, he alters himself to suit the world. He knows that happiness is a choice.

In a reading, the Custodian reminds us that our happiness is our responsibility; it must come from within, rather than being something we seek from without. However, there is also a dark side to the Custodian. He may warn us not to settle for less than what we are capable of.

Keywords: Pragmatism Happiness

5. Your Partner's Perception of You A representation of how the other person sees you.

The Library

The Library is a card of sudden change and catastrophy. The Schoolgirl, confronted with a challenge to the things she believes, responds by destroying the things she used to love. Similarly, this card may signal an abrupt, fiery, and catastrophic change in the your life, as the structures which no longer serve you come crashing down.

In a reading, the Library speaks to a situation when, dismayed by something which has happened to us, we destroy the things we love most. This is not always a bad thing; sometimes, the old must be demolished to make way for the new. But good or bad, it is a symbol of chaos and destruction, the end of something we love.

Keywords: Chaos Catastrophy Change Upheaval

6. Your Perception of Your Partner A representation of how you see the other person.

Adept of Books

The Adept of Books takes the adage "the pen is mightier than the sword" and makes it literal. She is someone whose knowledge is as powerful as a force of nature. This card speaks of reaching a level of mastery and respect where our ideas can become forces in their own right.

In a reading, it speaks of a time when our knowledge and skills have reached their apex, and we have gained mastery of an intellectual skill. Now is the time to lead by example, and become the change that we wish to see in others. It may also represent a person who has gained such a mastery--someone whose intellect is so ferocious that that person influences others on a large scale.

Keywords: Success Mastery Skill Leadership Choice

7. Interference A representation of the problem in the relationship you have with the other person..

Six of Tentacles

This card represents tenuous equilibrium. The schoolgirl has made peace with the fact that what is happening to her feels good. Similarly, the frustration and turmoil we have been feeling have melted away, to be replaced with acceptance.

In a reading, the Six of Tentacles speaks to being in a situation to which we are committed, but tells us that it is still possible to relax, to enjoy the ride even if we can't control what's happening.

Keywords: Balance Acceptance Commitment

8. Strength A representation of the strength within your relationship with the other person..

Four of Books

The Four of Books is a card symbolic of failure to prioritize. This card may indicate a situation where we are at an impasse of our own creation. We are spending so much time trying to make everything happen at once that we can't get get anything accomplished at all.

In a reading, it may be a symbol of some situation where we have taken on too many things in a haphazard way, and now they are beginning to tumble down around us; or it may be a reminder to prioritize and work on doing just one thing at a time.

Keywords: Indecision Frustration Deadlock

9. Outcome The outcome of the relationship.

The Portal

The Portal is one of the wildest and most powerful cards in the Tarot. It signifies a drastic departure not only from one's plan but perhaps even from everything that had once been thought of as solid and reliable; Upheaval and the onset of sudden change that can not be anticipated.

In a reading, the Portal may represent the sudden, crashing appearance of something which we are not only unprepared for, but we can't ever prepare for.

Keywords: Change Disruption Upheaval