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3: Outcome A

4: Outcome B

2: The Choice

1: The Significator

1: The Significator represents you and your current state of being.

Scholar of Tentacles

This Scholar card reminds us of the need for care and meticulousness in the face of chaos. When life is swirling all around, and anarchy and madness surround us, sometimes we can chart our way through by paying careful attention, just as the Scholar carefully records the actions of the tentacle monsters.

In a reading, the Scholar of Tentacles may signal the need to be consciencious and precise about the things occurring in our lives, especially in the physical, tangible, material sphere. The smallest details may turn out to be important, even if we don't recognize their significance at first. The bigger picture can wait until later; now is the time for paying attention to the details.

Keywords: Detail Focus Physical Precision

2: The Choice represents the choice confronting you.


Suspension is a card not only of accepting the inevitable, but about applying our experiences to think about it in an entirely new way. Things that we once feared, and fled from, can be transformed by new knowledge so as to lose their fear and even become inviting. It is not just the acceptance of fate, but of changing ourselves to better understand it.

Suspension is a complex card to interpret. In a reading. Suspension may tell us that there is benefit in accepting, even welcoming, the inevitable. On a deeper level, Suspension may indicate it is time for us to transform ourselves so that things which we once fled from can become inviting. It may suggest going out to meet fate on our terms, rather than waiting for fate to come to us. On still another level, it suggests investing in to a course of action in such a way that we are entirely committed to it.

Keywords: Acceptance Courage Empowerment

3: Outcome A The outcome if you make the obvious choice.

Scholar of Ribbons

The Scholar of Ribbons may indicate that you are about to embark on the process of creating your dreams--a process which will necessitate understanding those dreams, and also learning how to let go of conformity, naivete, and previous reliance on the rules and strictures of social convention.

In a reading, the Scholar of Ribbons may signal a time when we must let go of naivety, conformity, or adherance to ordinary conventions.

Keywords: Creation Independence Unorthodoxy

4: Outcome B The outcome if you make the non-obvious choice.

Five of Tentacles

The Five of Tentacles is a card of frustration. The captive schoolgirl is frustrated at being held upside down, frustrated at being unable to escape, and even frustrated at the part of herself that enjoys what is happening to her.

In a reading, the Five of Tentacles may refer to previous commitments and choices have placed us in an untenable position, and now conflicted emotions are rising to the surface. We are not able to change the course of events, no matter how frustrating they may be. Different emotions, including anger, resentment, or even pleasure, may be appropriate.

Keywords: Frustration Deadlock Powerlessness Commitment