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3: Outcome A

4: Outcome B

2: The Choice

1: The Significator

1: The Significator represents you and your current state of being.

The Librarian

The Librarian represents intellectual knowledge, in its most raw and asic form. She acts as a gatekeeper; the knowledge archived all around her is her domain, and she is both the guide to that knowledge and the person who decides what knowledge will most benefit the people who come to her.

In a reading, the Librarian may represent access to secret, arcane, or specialized knowlege. There is a deeper meaning in this card; the Librarian knows that information without organization or purpose is merely trivia. Information by itself can't solve problems! It is up to us to understand how to synthesize information into knowledge.

Keywords: Intellect Knowledge

2: The Choice represents the choice confronting you.

Nine of Tentacles

This card reminds us that life is often overwhelming, surprising, and sticky. In order to embrace the full possibility of what life has to offer and to gain new insights, we must be willing to embrace the messy and complex truth. The schoolgirl has born the full force of the Tentacle Monster, and we too will bear the full force of what life has to offer.

In a reading, the Nine of Tentacles is a reminder that one cannot avoid getting messy all the time. It might represent some situation where life takes us by surprise in untidy ways. We can not always wrap yourself up in a nice tidy world; sometimes, life has a way of imposing on us.

Keywords: Overwhelmed Surprise Messy Chaos

3: Outcome A The outcome if you make the obvious choice.

Scholar of Books

The Scholar of Books is a receiver and translator, but not a creator, of knowledge--especially intellectual knowledge. This card may indicate a part of our lives where we are able to interact in two worlds--perhaps two different social circles, two different but related crafts or job skills, or two different areas of knowledge.

In a reading, it may point to some life event or situation where interacting in two spheres of knowledge is essential, or it may represent a person who has the ability to do so. It is also a caution that the ability to interact in these spheres does not necessarily, by itself, indicate mastery. Beware, for knowledge without understanding can be a tricky thing.

Keywords: Knowledge Skill Inexperience

4: Outcome B The outcome if you make the non-obvious choice.

Scholar of Chains

The Scholar of Chains is a card of change and the journey away from bondage (literal or figurative) toward freedom. This card indicates a situation in which we are either just becoming aware of or we have just begun to free ourselves from some form of bondage--perhaps a habit, or a failed relationship, or something else in life which has been holding us back.

In a reading, it tells us to look for a place in our lives where we are not free, and reminds us that we can learn to free ourselves.

Keywords: Freedom Choice Action