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3: Outcome A

4: Outcome B

2: The Choice

1: The Significator

1: The Significator represents you and your current state of being.

Five of Books

The Five of Books is a card of ruination. We have failed to protect ourselves from damage. Because of that, our resources have been needlessly squandered and consumed. Sometimes, failure to pay attention causes us to lose the things we need, and it's not always possible to recover what was lost.

In a reading, this card turns up to remind us that some of life's lessons are very expensive. The deed is done, the loss has happened; now, we must learn from our failures and hope that the lesson was worth the price.

Keywords: Loss Catastrophe Inattention Damage Setback

2: The Choice represents the choice confronting you.

Scholar of Ribbons

The Scholar of Ribbons may indicate that you are about to embark on the process of creating your dreams--a process which will necessitate understanding those dreams, and also learning how to let go of conformity, naivete, and previous reliance on the rules and strictures of social convention.

In a reading, the Scholar of Ribbons may signal a time when we must let go of naivety, conformity, or adherance to ordinary conventions.

Keywords: Creation Independence Unorthodoxy

3: Outcome A The outcome if you make the obvious choice.

Scholar of Books

The Scholar of Books is a receiver and translator, but not a creator, of knowledge--especially intellectual knowledge. This card may indicate a part of our lives where we are able to interact in two worlds--perhaps two different social circles, two different but related crafts or job skills, or two different areas of knowledge.

In a reading, it may point to some life event or situation where interacting in two spheres of knowledge is essential, or it may represent a person who has the ability to do so. It is also a caution that the ability to interact in these spheres does not necessarily, by itself, indicate mastery. Beware, for knowledge without understanding can be a tricky thing.

Keywords: Knowledge Skill Inexperience

4: Outcome B The outcome if you make the non-obvious choice.

Three of Ribbons

This is a card of choices not taken. Every choice we made carries the weight of the choices we haven't, which are carried away like ribbons in the wind. When we reach for something, the things we have not chosen fly away and are lost forever.

In a reading, this card suggests that possibilities gained always imply possibilities lost, and that we must be aware of the things that are being given up whenever we make a choice. The card may represent those things, or warn us that the things we have chosen against, we may never be able to choose again.

Keywords: Choice Acceptance Sacrifice